Know Before You Go Infographics

Provides career information for high-growth and in-demand occupations in a variety of industries.  Students, parents, school staff and job seekers can learn about occupations in each industry and compare education, important qualities, job description, employment opportunities and work environment.

The Path to Workforce Success

Lists a variety of resources and contacts for youth, ranging from:
• How do I know what job is right for me?
• How much education or training will I need to get that job?
• Do I need to go to college?
• How much does college cost?
• How much income will I need to make?
• How much income will I actually make?
• What jobs are in demand in my region?
• Who can help me with my job search?

The Path to Workforce Success

Career Corner Newsletters

Provides information and resources in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, information technology, transportation and agriculture careers.  The newsletter also features job search tips and hints.

Youth Directories

Lists a variety of resources and contacts for youth.  Directories are available for all nine counties of South Central Minnesota.

MVAC Young Adult Program presents: Get Started

A 4-week virtual course to prepare youth ages 16-24 for the workforce

Topics Covered include:

  • Basic Budgeting
  • Communication
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community Exploration

Earn $50 per week (up to $200) for the course, while gaining important job skills from the safety and comfort of your home. To learn if you qualify, visit or call (507) 618-5610.

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Fairmont Community Education and Recreation (CER)

Fairmont Community Education and Recreation (CER) seeks to engage and encourage lifelong learning for scholars of any age.

Through the Southwest Adult Basic Education Consortium, Fairmont CER provides Adult Basic Education and English Learner Classes to support our residents, businesses, and community.

Our Adult Basic Education classes are focused on GED Exam preparation, Math and Communication skills, and increased reading speed and comprehension.

There are class offerings during the day, evening, or distance learning opportunities. English Learner Classes are also offered to build skills in conversing, reading, writing, and general understanding of American Culture.  Daytime and evening classes are offered.

Fairmont CER collaborates with local businesses and organizations to assist in meeting the educational and recreational needs of the community.

For more information contact CER at 507-235-3141

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Minnesota Goes To College

Check out Minnesota Goes To College for a variety of videos and the Education and Training Voucher Program information which provides funds to help foster youth pay for post-secondary education.
Minnesota Goes To College Training videos – Paying for College, FAFSA, Dispelling Financial Aid Myths and more.


Connecting Martin County area students with local businesses for career experience.


  • A resident of Martin County
  • A young adult between the ages of 18-25
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • A college student in good academic standing

After being accepted into the program, MVAC will work to connect you with a business in the County that fits your field of study and career goals for a PAID internship. You can work up to 29 hours per week for a total of 240 hours over the course of the summer.
Fill out the internship application below and/or connect with Tammie Hested @ Career Force located at 400 S. State Street Suite 180 Fairmont, MN, 507-618-5610 or
MVAC/Martin County Internship Program Application